Who We Are

Gabe Czajkowski


Chihiro Gustafson

VP of Sales and Marketing

Our Mission

Simply put we are mountain bikers. We create innovative products because we ride hard and depend on our equipment to get us through our rides. Whether it is a short lap at your local single track or a 100 mile Mountain Bike Race our products are made for you! Our mission is to create useful, high quality, and dependable products.

Our Story

Northwoods Bike Company began because of our experiences on the trail. We've tried jersey pockets, saddle bags, soft shell cases, and proprietary manufacturer storage solutions. Our flat kit would either fly out of our jersey pockets, rattle around in a saddle bag, or just not work on any of our other bikes. This was extremely frustrating for us, we knew there was a better way to do things. That's why we developed our straps. Our straps are a secure, rattle free, and non proprietary storage solution for every type of cyclist. Whether its mountain, road, gravel, or even long distance touring we've got you covered!


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